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Simultaneous Production and AGV Scheduling using Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning

Verfasser: Jens Popper, Vassilios Yfantis, Martin Ruskowski

Dynamic collision avoidance for multiple robotic manipulators based on a non-cooperative multi-agent game

Verfasser: Nigora Gafur, Gajanan Kanagalingam, Martin Ruskowski

Reinforcement Learning-based Scheduling of a Job-Shop Process with Distributedly Controlled Robotic Manipulators for Transport Operations

Verfasser: Simon Jungbluth, Nigora Gafur, Jens Popper, Vassilios Yfantis, Martin Ruskowski

Flatness Based Control of an Industrial Robot Joint Using Secondary Encoders

Verfasser: Jonas Weigand, Nigora Gafur, Martin Ruskowski

Real-time edge framework (RTEF): task scheduling and realisation

Verfasser: Volkan Gezer, Achim Wagner

Dynamic Collision and Deadlock Avoidance for Multiple Robotic Manipulators

Verfasser: Nicola Gafur, Gajanan Kanagalingam, Martin Ruskowski

Electrical Energy Consumption Interface in Modular Skill-based Production Systems with the Asset Administration Shell

Verfasser: William Motsch, Aleksandr Sidorenko, Alexander David, Pascal Rübel, Achim Wagner, Martin Ruskowski

Structured Information Processing as Enabler of Versatile, Flexible Manufacturing Concepts

Verfasser: Simon Komesker, Wolfgang Kern, Achim Wagner, Thomas Bauernhansl, Martin Ruskowski

Small Object Detection for Near Real-Time Egocentric Perception in a Manual Assembly Scenario

Verfasser: Hooman Tavakoli, Snehal Walunj, Parsha Pahlevannejad, Christiane Plociennik, Martin Ruskowski

Integration of a feasibility and context check into an OPC UA skill

Verfasser: Magnus Volkmann, Aleksandr Sidorenko, Achim Wagner, Jesko Hermann, Tatjana Legler, Martin Ruskowski

Short-term scheduling of make-and-pack processes in the consumer goods industry using discrete-time and precedence-based MILP models

Verfasser: Christian Klanke, Vassilios Yfantis, Francesc Corominas, Sebastian Engell

Enabling SMEs to Industry 4.0 Using the BaSyx Middleware: A Case Study

Verfasser: Subash Kannoth, Jesko Hermann, Markus Damm, Pascal Rübel, Dimitri Rusin, Malte Jacobi, Björn Mittelsdorf, Thomas Kuhn, Pablo Oliveira Antonino


Concept for Modeling and Usage of Functionally Described Capabilities and Skills

Verfasser: William Motsch, Kirill Dorofeev, Kathrin Gerber, Sönke Knoch, Alexander David, Martin Ruskowski

Optimal scheduling and non-cooperative distributed model predictive control for multiple robotic manipulators

Verfasser: Nikola Gafur, Vassilios Yfantis, Martin Ruskowski

Towards a Comprehensive Methodology for Modelling Submodels in the Industry 4.0 Asset Administration Shell

Verfasser: Cornelis Bouter, Monireh Pourjafarian, Leon Simar, Robert Wilterdink

Hybrid Data-Driven Modelling for Inverse Control of Hydraulic Excavators

Verfasser: Jonas Weigand, Julian Raible, Nico Zantopp, Ozan Demir, Adrian Trachte, Achim Wagner, Martin Ruskowski

Utilizing Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning For Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Under Sustainable Viewpoints

Verfasser: Jens Popper, William Motsch, Alexander David, Teresa Petzsche, Martin Ruskowski

Real-Time Edge Framework (RTEF): Decentralized Decision Making for Offloading

Verfasser: Volkan Gezer, Achim Wagner

An OPC UA Model of the Skill Execution Interaction Protocol for the Active Asset Administration Shell

Verfasser: Aleksandr Sidorenko, Magnus Volkmann, William Motsch, Achim Wagner, Martin Ruskowski

Simultaneous Production and AGV Scheduling using Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning

Verfasser: Jens Popper, Vassilios Yfantis, Martin Ruskowski

Input-to-state stability for system identification with continuous-time Runge–Kutta neural networks

Verfasser: Jonas Weigand, Michael Deflorian, Martin Ruskowski

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