Working on the production of the future

Our partners cooperate with a regular membership base on various topics in several working groups at SmartFactoryKL. The members themselves specify developments, trends, visions, and ideas for further developed and conceptual design to enable their implementation and integration at the next step in the development of our demonstrator system.

Currently, the work takes place in three working groups:

Vision: Design and operation of cyber-physical production modules for the sustainable factory environment of the future

Focus features of autonomous production:
Self-explanatory capability
Fault tolerance and resilience
Resource adaption

Long-term goals:
Innovative “pl4” modules and hardware in the demonstrator landscape (based on sustainability aspects and requirements of pl4).
A SmartFactoryKL network (internal and external), available and retrievable at any time.
A new infrastructure based on the overall concept, topology, power supply (dc, ac, ethernet, etc.).
Integration of the edge architecture (edge devices, edge nodes, etc.) In the demonstrator.

Short-term goals:
Module requirements determined in the context of Production Level 4.
Whitepaper about implementation of an innovative infrastructure for the demonstrator and new pl4 module development.
Advanced design of the edge architecture and, if necessary, initial implementation.

Vision: Build a manufacturer-independent platform for the autonomous process control of production systems.

Focus features of autonomous production:
Self-explanatory capability
Resource adaption
Decision making capability

Long-term goals:
A manufacturer-independent and robust information architecture and middleware.
Information and capability models in the administrative shell
Autonomous and flexible process control in production through a matching approach.
Negotiation strategies for optimal and sustainable resource use.

Short-term goals:
Interface to the product configurator and derivation of product administrative shells.
An interoperable middleware for data collection and storage.
Capability models for product and process adminatrative shells.
Autonomous capability matching of product and machine for flexible process control.
Visualization of module states and production decision processes.

Vision: Build a cognitive factory that can make active choices to improve production.

Focus features of autonomous production:
Decision making capability
Self-learning ability
Fault tolerance and resilience

Long-term goals:
Assistance systems for humans through automated processing of data and recommended actions based on this data.
Optimization and control of production processes through agent systems (trained in simulations).
Early detection of faults and malfunctions through modern sensor technology.
Minimize and optimize retooling through automated parameterization.
Linking cloud, edge, and ot
                                                                                     …based on machine learning methods

Short-term goals:
Integrated sensors in the production modules / transport systems.
Data analytics for the dashboard.
Worker assistance in the commissioning and servicing of modules.
A material flow simulation for the demonstrator.


Stephan Hamm
Head of Working Group 1
In our fast-moving and, thanks to digital technologies, constantly accelerating times, networking at all levels represents a critical success factor. That’s why I’m very excited to be part of the WG2 team at SmartFactoryKL, working with our partners to proactively lift the production of the future to the next level. 
Manuel Amadeus Heid
Head of Working Group 2
I am very excited about the collaboration and meetings of WG3 and, together with the other WGs, look forward to shaping the production of tomorrow. 
Alexandra Ritter
Head of Working Group 3

The technology initiative is supported by the active participation of its members and the financial support of sponsors. Our members and supporters are shaping a vibrant partnership to realize the vision of the factory of the future. Are you a provider of Industrie 4.0 components or software? Are you a user and implementer of Industrie 4.0 ideas? Are you interested in becoming a member? We invite you to become part of our network. Feel free to contact us.

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