• Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Hannover Messe
  • Implementing sustainability digitally in the production of tomorrow

Both organizations have the goal of merging sustainability and digitalization to advance climate protection in industry. This goal is the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding between the technology initiative SmartFactory KL and the Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA). The official signing is scheduled to take place at 12:00 noon on 6/1/22, in a small ceremony at the SmartFactoryKL stand at the Hannover Messe 2022 (Hall 8, D 18).

Implementing sustainable production
The digital twin – on the basis of the asset administrative shell (AAS) – plays a key role in developing the production of tomorrow. Prof. Martin Ruskowski, Chairman of the Executive Board of SmartFactoryKL, believes that products and machines will someday be capable of active communication. “Much of their data will be provided via their administrative shell, including properties and skills as well as information on energy consumption and their carbon footprint.”
According to Meik Billmann, managing director of IDTA, “Over the lifecycle the digital twin opens a whole range of new possibilities for accessing and processing data from a wide range of sources. For example, it becomes much easier to calculate emissions and power consumption for machines and plant systems.”

Active partnerships
Both partners are actively involved in the development and implementation of use cases. “The cooperation with SmartFactory Kaiserslautern offers us the opportunity to exchange our research findings. The result is a win for all association members and cooperation partners,” said Billmann. One thing is certain at both organizations: The digital transformation is an important tool for the de-carbonization of industry. The shared goal is to raise awareness in the manufacturing industry for the ideas of production cycles and resource conservation. The technical know-how for implementing a digital twin is being disseminated toward this end. “In Kaiserslautern, we are building a shared production facility designed for resilience and sustainability,” said Martin Ruskowski. “The administrative shell plays a key role in skill-based production, whereas, in the context of Industrie 4.0, this always refers to digital twins.”

Ecological balance through digital twins
“Our first use cases already show how the implementation of a digital nameplate can be successful. SmartFactoryKL demonstrates how extending the digital nameplate can lead to even greater possibilities. Through our cooperation, we want to explore these possibilities together,” said Meik Billman. “We want to combine various elements of the digital twins in our demonstrator ecosystem: the digital image of a machine and its skills/capabilities, as well as the entire product history in the form of a life cycle file. IDTA is the ideal partner for us to transfer our findings to industry,” added Martin Ruskowski.

Hannover Messe is an appropriate setting
One main focus at Hannover Messe 2022 is on sustainability: “For us, this was an obvious venue to choose for our MoU signing ceremony,” said Meik Billmann.

Date: Wednesday, Hannover Messe June 1, 2022, Hall 8, Stand D 18.


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