Klaus Stark, responsible manager for Innovation Management at Pilz GmbH & Co. KG since 2017, is a member of the Board of Directors of the technology initiative SmartFactoryKL. He actively promotes the subject of automation on various committees, including as Chairman of the Technical Committee “Safety Systems in Automation” of the ZVEI (German Electrical Industry Association).

Why did Pilz become a Silver Partner in the development of the new demonstrator?

The new concept of the SmartFactoryKL is what convinced us. As in the past, we want to continue our active collaboration and participate in meeting the challenges set down in the mission statement 2025, the research projects, the technology orientation, the newly established working groups and, last but not least, the establishment of a European network.

Why is the SmartFactoryKL important to Pilz as a (strategic) partner?

The SmartFactoryKL is one of our most important partners regarding the subject of Industrie 4.0. A major factor is the opportunity to pursue common goals with other partner companies. Production Level 4 is just such a project, which can only be achieved through collaboration. Everyone contributes their own strengths and expertise. Because, as is widely known, obstacles are more easily overcome with the help of others.

What is the technical involvement of Pilz in the new demonstrator?

We provide safety automation products and services that protect both the physical and the digital access to machines and processes. Our machine safety components, in combination with selectable operating modes and the access authorization system, plus the firewall, satisfy both machine and industrial plant safety requirements.

About PILZ

Pilz is a vendor of integrated automation systems. The company supplies a full range of integrated automation systems – from sensor and control systems to the actuators. The product range is complemented by software tools, diagnostics, visualization systems, and related services. The result is a portfolio of integrated systems. The Pilz products provide both automation and safety functions. The PSS 4000 is a good example of our automation systems, which are designed to combine safety and automation. As a distributed control system, PSS 4000 still provides an overall view of the automation project. PSS 4000 enables the application of a mechatronic approach at the control level. As a result, engineering times are significantly reduced. The aim of Pilz is to automate manufacturing machines and plants, in ways that ensure people, machines, and the environment will always remain safe. www.pilz.de

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