Empolis supports customers in making the right decisions. Currently, around 500 Empolis installations exist around the world, and nearly 700,000 professional users rely on Empolis solutions on a daily basis to serve approximately 40 million end customers.

We combine artificial intelligence technologies for CRM and service management in cutting-edge cloud solutions. They offer entirely new service quality, customer approaches and digital “As a Service” and platform business models – from signal to action.

In connection with the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers unparalleled opportunities for manufacturing companies in production, service and maintenance. Real-time analysis of machine, product and service-related data, as well as the utilization of new human-to-machine interfaces (e.g. voice interface, image recognition and augmented reality) allow for fast development and good go-to-market for innovative service products. In the very near future, personal service assistants will be available to service technicians for maintenance and repair assignments, which will guide them through repair, maintenance and diagnostic processes via voice control. AI processes information and data automatically and makes them available to service workers, as required. AI technologies and digital assistants thus represent the next logical step in the fourth industrial revolution. Looking forward, human and artificial intelligence will work side by side.

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