Data spaces are the key to organizing the dynamic supply chains of the future. We are already working on how these are best implemented. Our goal at SF-KL is to be pioneers in developing the production systems of tomorrow.
We always want to be one step ahead of our time.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Ruskowski

CEO of SmartFactoryKL

Smart Factory
Together in the network

The SmartFactoryKL network includes about 40 companies and research institutes. We work together as equal partners on various research and development projects related to Industrie 4.0 and the factories of the future. The SmartFactoryKL staff coordinates the efforts of the working groups established to facilitate collaboration among our scientists and experts from the member companies on specific topics.

As an independent and neutral organization, we provide the framework in which companies and scientific institutes exchange ideas and work together in an open and trusting atmosphere of mutual respect.

We cordially invite you to join this network!

our members

Industrie 4.0
Accepting the challenges of the future.

We develop the theory and practice of future manufacturing today. In our realistic production environment, we test and further develop the key enabling technologies. Along the way, we are joined by member companies that act as both sparring partners and co-developers. Intensive collaboration insures that we address the requirements and resolve the issues that arise in industrial manufacturing. Some of the main research areas, for example, are 5G, administrative shells, safety, data spaces Gaia-X research (smartMA-X project), multi-agent systems, Artificial Intelligence, system architectures, autonomous systems, module exchange, Human-Machine-Interaction, etc.

The aim is to have a more flexible, more efficient, and more sustainable production concept. To this end, we have expanded the Industrie 4.0 vision and call this updated concept “Production Level 4.”

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